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Academic Advising

Assisting you in what classes would be helpful for your intended career goals, providing support for how to study particular subjects, tutoring, academic difficulties.

Creating a Portfolio

Educating about a portfolio, its purposes, what to put in it, and assistance reviewing and creating the final product. 

Personal Counseling

A broad concept for counseling including personal problems, family situations, military repatriation, depression assistance, work-life balance help, and general issues. 

Startup Advising

Assisting with ideas and brainstorming, critique, business plan development, lean business modeling, marketing plans, general advice, possible investor.

Career Planning

Creating of a detailed career plan that assists you in understanding where you are, what you have done, and where you want to go, as well as the steps necessary to achieve your current goals. This is not a binding document, but a fluid and changeable plan that assists you to create a pathway. 

Creating a Resume

Create an English Resume that can be used at all international companies. Useful for internships, part-time work, and first jobs. Even if you think you do not have experience, we can still create (and should create) a resume for you to use. Please come to see me.

How to be a Professional

If you are my current or past student you know that I take separation of professional and personal very seriously. I would like to help you understand that concept and understand how you can utilize it to create a meaningful life and career. 

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Created Programs

Suicide Prevention, Military Repatriation, Tutoring, Career Services, Digital Internships, Research Assistantships, Dormitory Assistants