Daily Activities to Learn, Assist, Engage


Having discussions with various levels of business and government professionals to have conversations and gain insights from them regarding current problems, present trends, and industry needs. 

Developing research ideas and analysis to attempt to address these needs. 

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Providing free and open special lectures and seminars upon request to help students gain insight, motivation, and information from my past experience and acquired knowledge. 

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Sharing my thoughts and experience to help students achieve their own definition of success, set career goals, and assist them regarding thesis, skillsets, startup dreams, career uncertainty, or morale support. 

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While all activities are provided without charge, additional charity work is done to gain cultural insight, acquire a different view of society, and to give back in recognition of the kindness bestowed upon me to be able to learn, improve my skillsets and utilize my abilities. 

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All activities are done in Taiwan as a way to learn more about research, education, and improve skills. Presently, working as a researching assistant within a marketing lab, and taking courses at will within the college of management, to seek and improve lecturing quality, research ability, and overall knowledge. Lectures, meetings, research, mentoring, are all done at the request of a professor within the department of management science/college of management at National Chiao Tung University, or are provided on casual time without any payment, and done as charity work to assist the community and help those who request. None of the activities are funded (except the research projects for an individual professor within the university). This trip to Taiwan is meant to assist the facilitation of knowledge, understanding the local and regional culture, and improving preparedness for lecturing and academic work. Questions for clarification, please contact.